New Conformity Law at Umm Qasr Port

New Conformity Law at Umm Qasr Port: What You Need to Know





Almas Group Logistics writing to inform you about a recent regulatory change at the port of Umm Qasr that could impact all incoming shipments. A new conformity law has been implemented, requiring all containers arriving at the port to have a certificate of conformity from their country of origin.


This new regulation mandates that any containers arriving without the necessary certificate will be subject to a conformity examination. This examination process ensures that all goods meet the required standards and regulations before they are allowed to enter the country.


The customs authorities are expected to provide further details on this decision shortly. They will outline the specific implementation mechanisms, procedures to be followed, and any additional costs that may be incurred due to the conformity examinations.


For businesses importing goods through Umm Qasr, it is crucial to ensure that all shipments are accompanied by the appropriate conformity certificates to avoid delays and additional expenses. We recommend staying tuned for the official announcement from the customs authorities for comprehensive guidelines and compliance requirements.


This new law underscores the importance of adhering to international standards and regulations to facilitate smooth and efficient trade operations. We are committed to keeping our clients informed about any developments and providing support to navigate these regulatory changes.


Stay updated by regularly checking our blog for the latest information and guidance on how to comply with the new conformity law at Umm Qasr Port.


For any immediate concerns or questions, feel free to contact our customer service team.


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Date of Publication: 24 June 2024

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