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Customs Clearance

We provide Customs Clearance across the world

Our customs brokerage services responsible to making the shipments pass the export and import formalities so that they reach their destination. Having own customs brokerage license and custom’s specialist staffs, we stay current on all the relevant export-import regulations, customs clearance procedure and all its updates.

We offer customs clearance services at the following ports and borders:

- Iraq (Um Qasr Port, Bashmakh Border, Ibrahim Khalil Border, Haji Omran Border, Parwez Khan Border).
-Turkey (Mersin Port, Iskenderun Port, Istanbul Port, Bazargan Border).
- Iran (Bandar Abbas Port, Bandar Anzali, Bandar Khomeini, Meghri-Norduz border).

“Customs clearance” or “clearing customs” is a phrase we hear a lot in our business. What it really means is the item that’s being imported or exported has met a country’s requirements for entering or leaving its borders.

We ensure smooth and easy customs clearance for all our customers, so that they receive their goods on time. Our Customs Brokers help ease Import and Export regulations and paper work in record time for all of your shipments.

Our Geographic Reach:

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    Logistics and shipping services from Asia, East Asia and China

  • 2

    Logistics and shipping services from North and South America

  • 3

    Logistics services in Europe and Eastern Europe

  • 4

    Logistics services in the Arab world and the Middle East

Our Services & Expert Approach

Our team can handle all your requests, from door-to-door and import/export services, to cross-trading and integrated logistics, thanks to the synergy with the most qualified international transport and logistics companies. We can guarantee transports across the globe and fast delivery. Our land freight transport services, which often need to be integrated with sea freight transport and logistics, stand out for quality, cost, and timing.

Full Container Load (FCL)

Almas Group Logistics can ensure the best quotes for full container loads, special equipment with frequent departures, and guarantees worldwide delivery.

Consolidation/Groupage (LCL)
Roll-on/roll-off (RO-RO)

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