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Almas Group Logistics Joins Global Cargo Network, Elevating Project Cargo Services in Iraq

[Erbil – 15 August 2023] – Almas Group Logistics,

A prominent name in the logistics and freight forwarding industry, has proudly announced its recent membership in the Global Cargo Network, solidifying its position as a premier project cargo provider in Iraq.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a track record of delivering innovative logistics solutions

Almas Group Logistics has taken a significant step forward by becoming a part of the esteemed Global Cargo Network. This strategic partnership will enable the company to further enhance its capabilities and offer a broader range of services to clients in Iraq and beyond.

The Global Cargo Network is a renowned association of top-tier logistics and freight forwarding companies

That collaborate to provide comprehensive solutions for a variety of cargo needs. Through this network, Almas Group Logistics gains access to an extensive global network of industry experts, resources, and best practices. This will empower the company to cater to diverse project cargo requirements, from intricate heavy-lift shipments to complex oversized cargo movements.



Mr. Rasul Farjam, CEO of Almas Group Logistics

Expressed his enthusiasm about this significant milestone, stating, "Joining the Global Cargo Network is a remarkable achievement for us. It aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver world-class logistics solutions to our clients. This partnership will undoubtedly strengthen our capabilities, enabling us to provide efficient and reliable project cargo services that contribute to the growth and development of Iraq's industries."

Almas Group Logistics has consistently demonstrated its dedication to meeting the unique needs of clients, particularly in the realm of project cargo. This new collaboration further reinforces the company's commitment to excellence and innovation. By leveraging the expertise of the Global Cargo Network, Almas Group Logistics is poised to offer unparalleled solutions for oversized and specialized cargo movements, ultimately boosting Iraq's industrial and economic progress.

As Almas Group Logistics embarks on this new chapter as a member of the Global Cargo Network, it solidifies its position as a leading force in the logistics and freight forwarding sector in Iraq. The company's dedication to providing reliable and efficient project cargo solutions is set to reshape the landscape of logistics services in the region, driving growth and prosperity for its clients and partners.

Almas Group Logistics is a distinguished logistics and freight forwarding company operating in Iraq. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, the company offers a comprehensive range of logistics solutions, including project cargo services.

Date of Publication: 15 August 2023 Published by: Communication Department and PR


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